Rare: The Grand Vision

Rare embodies a pioneering vision where art, technology, and community converge, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds to craft a unique immersive experience. In this future, the tactile beauty of art intersects with digital innovation, all powered by blockchain technology.

Rare is transitioning its physical business - RareArt - to WEB 3.0. By launching RareTokens, tokenizing its operations, and unveiling unique phygital (physical + digital) assets, Rare is at the forefront of blending technology with human experience and creativity, further enhanced by AI tools that unlock everyone's creative potential. Our RareUniverse offers:

  • RWA Revenue Sharing: Share in the success of real-world assets.

  • Collector's Exclusives: Gain access to unique high-end art pieces.

  • Phygital Rewards: Earn and win tokens redeemable for experiences and rare items.

  • Art to Life: Your AI creations, turned tangible.

Welcome to a Phygital World

Rare is where art meets tech, split into two big ideas: RareArt and RareTokens. RareArt is all about making cool tangible art, designs and custom works. Then there’s RareTokens, which brings in the tech side with digital coins ($R4RE and $GALIX) that change how you own, buy, and connect with art, making what we call the ArtFi world.

This mix of real and digital, or "phygital," is what Rare and ArtFi are all about. It’s making art and tech easy and fun for everyone, whether you love art, are into the latest tech, or are just curious about what’s new. Rare invites you to check it out, get involved, and join us on this cool journey.

Art & Tech Combined

That's the essence of Rare and ArtFi β€” a seamless integration of "phygital" experiences that redefine what it means to interact with art commerce. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a digital pioneer, or someone who's just curious about the future of creativity, Rare welcomes you to explore, engage, and be part of this revolutionary journey.

Problem Statement & Mission

Rare believes that as the crypto industry evolves, the integration of blockchain and digital tokens into real-world businesses will play a pivotal role in its growth and development. Our dual mission encompasses:

  1. Transforming Spaces: Utilizing contemporary art and custom design installations by RareArt to enhance spaces, catering to art enthusiasts, collectors, and diverse business sectors.

  2. Sustainable Revenue Sharing: Establishing a new standard within the crypto realm and art commerce with RareTokens, merging DeFi principles with conventional revenue-sharing models to ensure equitable economic incentives for investors and token holders.

Rare is your invitation to explore, get involved, and be part of something new and exciting.

Enter the RareUniverse!

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